Puree from Cabbage (Food Feeder)



Happy Mommy & Healthy Baby

"Thanks to kidsme. Hassle free food preparation, my little angel loves it so much. food feeder is easy to clean and it keeps her entertained while I'm doing other things. Happy na si mommy healthy pa si baby with kidsme!" 

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Excitement Every Time!

"I absolutely love the kidsme feeder! I use it to feed fruits to my son and he gets excited every time he sees it. It doesn't break easily and that's always a plus in my book!"

-Kristine Yap

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Enzo Boy

This little feeder is really great!

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My Son Loves This Teether

"Love your brand! Big help with my first kid. This feeder doubles as a teether and ice popsicle breast milk that soothe my baby's sore gums."

-Bev De Guzman

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"Yay" To More Food Intros

"Since he was giving us all the signs that he is ready for his first solids, we tried to give him some through the food feeder from @kidsmephilippines  It was really great having it because I'm pretty sure he won't choke on any uneven food bits because I wasn't able to use any food processor.. It also encourages self-feeding... Big ♥ thanks!! Our problem though is how to make him stop begging for more food when he had enough.. but he eventually smiled a lot after he realized I won't be giving him more and that feeding is finished already.. Yay to more food intros using this feeder!" 


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